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November 9th, 2017    

Episode 32: Election Day pod

Tuesday was Election Day in Virginia, New Jersey and other areas. The results were surprising in that Democrats were reminded what victory feels like. Scott and Paul break down the exit polls to see who turned out, and look forward to see if any lessons learned here can be applied to the 2018 races.


November 2nd, 2017    

Episode 31: Indictments

It was a busy news day on Monday with the announcement that three former Trump advisers were charged in the probe being led by special counsel Robert Mueller. We'll discuss that in addition to some local issues including Scott Walker maybe not reaping the benefits he had hoped from the FoxConn announcement. Also, Milwaukee and Waukesha reached a deal on the latter gaining access to Lake Michigan water. Is this the beginning of a budding new friendship?


October 28th, 2017    

Episode 30: Numbers numbers numbers

We've reached the milestone of Episode 30. This week, we take a deep dive into the latest Public Policy Polling (PPP) polling data on the Wisconsin political landscape. Lots of interesting numbers telling a story. Join us on the journey.


October 13th, 2017    

Episode 29: Power corrupts or something

Lots to discuss this week from the revelations about Harvey Weinstein to Trump's sinking poll numbers. Also, another candidate enters Wisconsin's race for governor.


October 6th, 2017    

Episode 28: America Mourns (again)

Full show this week. We spend a good portion of the episode discussing the mass shooting in Vegas and what we as a people should focus on going forward. Wisconsin's gerrymandered state legislative districts undergo scrutiny by the US Supreme Court. We look at the possible outcomes there.


September 27th, 2017    

Episode 27: Rocket Man and a Dotard Walk into a Bar

Lots going on this week from the latest failed attempt at repealing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Trump and Kim Jong Un trading barbs, and another candidate entering the Wisconsin race for governor. Also, crazy Roy Moore just won the Republican primary and is now the party's candidate to be Alabama's next US Senator.


September 20th, 2017    

Episode 26: Back in Session

Hey listeners, we're back after a week off and have a lot of catching up to do. Sheriff David Clarke quit, the Foxconn welfare bill passed, more candidates are eyeing a run for governor, and the zombie TrumpCare bill lives!


September 4th, 2017    

Episode 25: Labor Day

Happy Labor Day listeners. In our 25th episode, we cover the undermining of the Affordable Care Act, Hurricane Harvey, and reflect on Labor Day in 2017.


August 22nd, 2017    

Episode 24: Foxconn Update

We turn our attention to the $3 billion Foxconn welfare bill being moved through the Wisconsin legislature. The Assembly passed it, and now it moves to the Senate.


August 17th, 2017    

Episode 23: Sedition in Charlottesville

This week, we'll discuss the terrible weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia where white supremecists and other fascist groups clashed with anti-fascist demonstraters leading to the death of activist Heather Heyer. Usually, the President of the United States offers a nation some reassurance during these times, but we didn't get that this go around. We'll touch on the latest in the Wisconsin race for governor as well.


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